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Is it smart to use an indoor camera as a baby monitor in Hagerstown?

May 30, 2023
Parent using smartphone to view video of child from indoor camera

Your new nursery is nearly set for your darling child. You dedicated quite a bit of time assembling the cradle, decorating the walls, and arranging the changing station.You even finished up the space with a row of stuffed animals on a shelf. But how are you planning to monitor your baby? You can choose the customary method with a ordinary standalone device or take it to another level and utilize the tools available to you in your modern home security system.

Despite the fact that it may seem a bit unexpected to use an indoor camera for a baby monitor in Hagerstown, it’s actually an outstanding option when you think about the advantages.

Your security system’s indoor cameras in Hagerstown are ideal baby monitors

Most importantly, your indoor cameras are incorporated into your fully integrated smart home and reachable through a user-friendly app. This provides you convenience and peace of mind knowing you can monitor your baby from anywhere via your smartphone or mobile device. Here are more reasons why they are an excellent choice:

  • Live high-def video footage: You’ll get detailed, high-resolution video of your baby. You may even review recorded segments directly from your phone.
  • Bi-directional talk: You’ll not only hear the sounds from the room, you can actually talk to your newborn directly through your indoor camera. This is a nice feature to calm a troubled sleeper. Better yet, you may utilize the talk feature via your smartphone app, no matter where you are.
  • Wide-angle views: Your cameras will have a wider viewing angle than standard baby monitors. You won’t miss a thing.
  • Motion-detection with updates: If your newborn decides rest time is done and wants out of the crib, you can get motion-triggered alerts sent directly to your smartphone.
  • One-press communications: Even though this benefit is really for older kids, it’s worth mentioning. With a single press of a button, your youngster can touch base with you through cell phone app.

Having your complete smart home reachable from a simple app on your phone is a tremendous bonus. If you see that your baby is having an issue trying to sleep and believe it could be a little warm in the room, you are able to alter the settings on your smart thermostat. If they arise, you can activate the room’s smart lights to inform them you’re coming soon. Have a second child? You can use another indoor camera and still have access to each of them with a single mobile app.

Get Your Hagerstown smart home with indoor cameras

Are you ready to use an indoor camera as a baby monitor? Customize your own Hagerstown smart home and enjoy the comfort and protection Vivint’s high-tech video cameras can provide. Call (301) 923-4840 today and see how we can make your residence a safer, more adaptable place for every member of your family.